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Meet folda – dark pop music from Edinburgh, Scotland.


Formed in Edinburgh at the start of 2018, this collective have already been turning heads with their debut releases. Described as a ‘superband’ amongst the local scene - mixing dark processed sounds with uplifting melodies. folda are creating interesting, yet traditional ‘pop’ songs that will please both the eager eared muso and the chart loving public. Carefully crafting each sound, element and layer in the production process. 


The band take influences across the board from the likes of the 1975, James Blake, Everything Everything, Maribou State & Sigrid.


Their energetic live set showcases the band’s mix between live, electronic instruments and hybrid drums.


The idea of folda first came around when producer and guitarist, Mark Morrow met with singer David Ritchie in a recording session for his solo project. They started working on a bunch of pop songs before David went on a trip to Australia for 6 months. During this time, Mark would send song ideas over and David would reply with some voice notes for vocal and melody ideas, slowly building a bank of ideas which would be inspired from two very different outlooks and sides of the world. On David’s return, they entered the studio with the addition of Ewan Simpson (bass, synth) and Steve Morrison (drums, percussion), and started to build up tracks that would become ‘aurora’ and ‘cassiel’.


The band are continuously writing and recording new songs and are looking forward to a busy 2019

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phone: +44 7745 953710